Top 5 Therapeutic Benefits of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a pastime that benefits many, especially kids and women. It is fun to do and indulges one’s creative side. It also makes an artistic twist in keeping memorabilia and photos. Stickers, glue, color pens, papers, rotary trimmer and many other tools are commonly used. But aside from these, it is also known to be a hobby that improves a person’s health.

Memory Improvement – The brain is a powerful organ. However, its ability also diminishes as a person ages. With scrapbooking, one can go boost memory support. Looking at pictures stimulates the brain for recollection. The recollection of past events and storytelling makes the brain more active. As an outcome, it also exercises the brain which happens to be beneficial to overall health.

Increased self-esteem – How a person looks at himself has something to do with what he has achieved in life. So how can a simple hobby like scrapbooking enhance self-esteem? Other than getting the satisfaction of putting together a creative product, it also reminds people of what they have accomplished through the things they put on it. Memorabilia of achievements such as recognition cards, raffle tickets, prizes and many more are usually posted in scrapbooks.

Sense of Accomplishment – Scrapbooking is fun, but also takes time to be completed. Even with the help of tools such as a rotary trimmer and a host of office supplies, one still needs a push to accomplish the task. Even the use of a rotary trimmer to cut photos needs focus and patience. Therefore when it is completed, a satisfaction like no other surges in.

Relaxation – When doing a hobby like scrapbooking, the mind gets diverted from all the stress and tension. Many people who are overworked and under a lot of stress can testify that getting busy with scrapbook projects help lowered their blood pressure. This is because the mind only focuses on the current activity, which is the recollection and production of creative possibilities. As an effect, the mind and muscle relaxes, in addition to the laughter that comes in between.

Bridge of Communication – Some people share the activity of scrapbooking with their family and sometimes even with a caregiver; in the case of the elderly and the sick. For those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the hobby promotes significant improvement on moods, blood pressure and overall health. Telling the story behind every object placed on a page also opens up the heart of the person to another which helps them understand one another better.

Scrapbooking is an activity enjoyed by many. It is also becoming a trendy hobby for both kids and adults. The beneficial effects it contributes to health may be unnoticed by some, but the satisfaction is hard to deny. However, crafting tools such as rotary trimmer, scissors, and cutter must be used carefully to avoid possible injury.

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